Best Bone Conduction Headphones for Summing

Swimmers who want to get entertained underwater by listening to their favorite music should regard bone conduction headphones, as bone conduction is better path for underwater music. Bone conduction offers a different way of hearing, it is not like regular type headphone. In regular headphones, vibrations are sent through eardrums but instead of eardrums, bone conduction sends vibrations through cheekbones, leaving your ears completely open to your surroundings.

Best bone conduction headphones for swimming


. Audio bone

. Finis duo

. Beker


. Audio bone headphones are available in gray, black, blue, orange and white.

. Their weight is 1.3 ounces and cost is about $190.

. Their U-shape design helps it to wrap around the back of the head.

. The headphones have a waterproof rating of 1XP7.

. It uses Bone conduction technology, Bone conduction coverts sound waves into vibrations. Audio bone declares that this lowers the probability of eardrum damage, providing clearer and safer music.

. They bypass the eardrum, so hearing loud music does not produces same negative and damaging effects as regular headphones.

. Since these headphones do not cover your ears, you’re free to hear your surrounding noises.

. If you care about your ears and hearing, Audio bone is the best option for you as they provide safer and top quality audio.


. It is an underwater MP3 player. The first thing you notice is that it doesn’t have earphone, it transmits sound into the inner ear through cheekbones. Its price is about $132.99.

. It supports MP3 and WMA audio formats and has USB magnetic dock (having silver, circle shaped magnet) for data transfer and charging

.The most awesome thing about these headphones is that you don’t have to panic about fixing earphones in your ear buds.

. It has 4GB flash memory and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with up to seven hours of life.

. You are free to swim at full speed without worrying about ear buds falling off.

. Sound is hundreds and thousand times better than any other ordinary headphone because the sound is transferred straight to your inner ear.

. It can hold up to 60 hours of playback, around 1000 songs which is definitely enough for long swim sessions.


. Beker is more like a speaker than headphones. Its cost is about $119.99. It can wrap around swim cap easily, it is comfortable and does not block your ear.

. Beker has 8GB memory, it can store up to 2000 songs and life of the battery is about 8 hours.

. It supports Windows and Apple devices so you can download your favorite playlist from any of the device.

. It is small and weighs about 1.2 ounces, you can attach it to your goggles, headband or swimming cap.

. This device is wireless so there is no chance of slipping off.

. You can wear it in fresh water, pool water, seawater and sweat.

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